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Machine Photography is a very special genre of photography which require timely precision and high levels of photography and post production skills. With over 5 years of experience in industrial photography, I have expertise in on-location photography and photography of machines in the various industries.

The industrial machines that required to be photographed can be movable or in-movable. In either of the cases, the photography is done with professional high quality equipment and lights etc. There are many situations that require moving the machines within the factory to a suitable location so that high quality photography can be done with world class results.

There are many applications of machine photography, the digital images are used by the companies for the following purposes:

One of the most challenging aspects of machine photography is photography of the machines in action. In many situations, it is not economically viable to stop the machines for photography, hence specialized skills and equipment is used to capture the images. Cleaning and re-painting of the machines in always undertaken prior to the photography, so that the best possible results are achieved.

Machine photography, also involves photography of the inside working parts / panels of the machine. Depending on your requirement, feel free to Call Me on 98205 78189 or email me on

inside of a generator
generator photograph
industrial genset photograph
different angles of genset
genset machine photograph
generator of cummins photograph
machine photograph
photograph of power generator

Client: Cummins India Ltd.
Location: Pune; Maharashtra

pump part photograph
PVDF pump part
industrial pump photograph
investment casting pump part
industrial pump
Thermic fluid pump
industrial pump part
side view of an industrial pump

Client: Investa Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Total Products: 100+
Location: Valsad; Gujarat